Elimination of Bias & Developing Cultural Competency – with Real World Relevance (CE Session)

07 Aug 2023
8:00 am – 11:00 am
$79.99 - Martinique B

Elimination of Bias & Developing Cultural Competency – with Real World Relevance (CE Session)

This 3 hour course provides appraisers with specifically relevant and useful guidance on the subjects of bias and discrimination in appraising and also the subject of cultural competency. The course content, as well as the laws and cases discussed, are relevant to both residential and commercial appraisers. Up-to-date information is given about current investigations and cases relating to alleged discrimination and guidance is offered on practices to reduce bias and the risk of disputes alleging discrimination.

The course answers specific questions for appraisers, such as:

  • How have appraisers found themselves as the targets of investigations and lawsuits alleging discrimination?
  • What forms of proof are needed to establish a fair housing claim against an appraiser?
  • What can appraisers do to lower their risk?
  • What should appraisers know about implicit bias?
  • Why is basic “cultural competency” important to appraisers?

$79.99 – THIS 3-hour course is approved in the following states:

The course has been developed to meet the requirements for appraisers under California Bus. and Prof. Code section 11360 for Elimination of Bias (2 hours) and Cultural Competency (1 hour).

AL Course #C02822
AZ Course #0323-0000010
AR – Approved
CA Course #2310501046
CO Course #2349
CT Course #AAL.001025
GA Course #76181
IL Course #575.010617
KS Course #403.C23.N
LA Course #A0032
MA Course1360014
MI Course #2389
MN Course #1034822
MS Course #50464
MO – Approved
*MT – Accepts
NE Course #2233417.33
NV Course #CE.0009674-A
NH – Approved
NJ Course #2023-201
NM Course #4208
NY Course #A5598-03
NC Course #4537
OH Course Q04301203A 23
OK Course #715
OR Course #AEPL-C-0223-0049
PA – Approved
SC Course #2073
SD Course #SD 1580 CE
TN Course #2650
TX Course #45308
UT Course #AC230104
VA – Approved
WA Course A23007045
WV – Approved
WY – Approved

*States with an asterisk will accept CEwhich is approved in the state where it is being taught.

Pending States: Pendingapproval in FL, HI, IN & WI.