State CE Approval

Appraiser eLearning submits Valuation Expo CE which takes place on August 8th and 9th for approval in all 50 states. See our 100% guarantee refund policy below.

14 Hours of CE provided for Valuation Expo program on August 8th and 9th:

Appraiser eLearning has submitted for 14 hours CE related to the education provided on August 8th and 9th. The number of hours awarded can vary by each state. If the state does not have an annotation it is approved for 14 hours of CE. Please be sure to look at the corresponding annotated number below the list of states for special circumstances related to course approval. We update this page daily as the CE approvals come in. Please check your state for the total hours offered. Trainee Appraisers – Please note that we do not offer any Qualifying Education. Contact Karen Connolly at 513-490-0226 if you have any questions on matters relating to CE.

NOTE:  Pre-conference courses approval numbers are found on the schedule page for those courses.

Approved in these states:

AK**,AL*, AR, AZ, CA, CO, DE, GA, HI, IA*, ID*, IL, IN, KS*, KY*, LA*, ME, MD*, MI, MN, MO, MT**, NC, NE*, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TX, UT*, WA, WV, WY*

*These states are reciprocal which means if the CE is approved in the state in which it is being taught, these states will accept the CE certificates for credit.

**MT was submitted as a two day program for 14 hours.  MT licensees must attend both days to obtain a completion  CE certificate. 

Valuation Expo CE Pending Approval in the following States:

DC, FL, MA, MS, ND, RI, TN, VA, VT, WI, and WA.

*Note: The following states are approved through reciprocity meaning since the course is approved in the State of Nevada, it will be accepted for CE in these states: Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming. If your state requires additional information, we will be happy to provide the required paperwork.

**Alaska and Montana have been submitted as a two-day program for 14 hours.  You must take both days to receive credit in these states.

CE Guarantee Policy:

If you register prior to Appraiser eLearning having obtained CE approval for your state and CE approval is not obtained, we guarantee a 100% refund of your registration fee. And, in the event approval is for less than 7 hour each day, we will notify you and give you the option of a refund.

100% Money Back Guarantee Policy on a General Session Pass 
We are now offering 100% money back guarantee at Valuation Expo. If you purchased a General Session pass, attend the entire Valuation Expo CE program on August 8-9 and you’re dissatisfied, we will refund the full fee for the General Session back to you. Please note, you must have attended both days of the program in their entirety to be eligible for the refund. You will not receive CE credit.

State CE Reciprocity Course Approval:

If you are licensed in a state which allows reciprocity for continuing education (Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming) and you may be required to submit any documentation to your state for credit, Appraiser elearning will assist you. Appraiser eLearning does not submit rosters for states who allow course approval through reciprocity. Please contact, Karen Connolly at 513-490-0226 or for any question related to CE.

CE Attendance Requirements:

Attendance is strictly monitored. Attendees are required to attend 100% of the offering.Appraiser eLearning follows State requirements for CE attendance.


Appraiser eLearning will be issuing certificates for the General Session program.  Certificates for Pre-Conference programs are distributed by the CE provider.

Valuation Expo CE – You must attend each full day in order to receive appropriate credit. No half-day session will be approved. The States of Alaska and Montana are approved as a two day program.  You must attend both days to receive an Alaska or Montana certificate of completion.  For states who accept courses through education reciprocity, you may need additional paperwork back up for your certificate submission.  These states are Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming. For additional information, please contact: Karen Connolly at or by phone (513) 490-0226.

Appraisal Institute:

Appraisal Institute Designated members may submit certificates of completion from outside providers via e-mail at or by fax at (312) 335-4415, or they may enter CE by logging onto the website and clicking on the link located on the left sidebar: My AI CE Status Report.

For more information, please visit the AI website’s AI Continuing Education Program page.

Questions? (312) 335-4111